Finance Coordinator

Judi joined LCV in 2013 shortly before retiring from teaching. She brings a host of organizational and leadership skills to our team and has quickly taken hold of the financial reigns to help us formulate and achieve our goals for the coming years.

Besides her new found hobby of singing lead with LCV, Judi also enjoys sewing. LCV was fortunate to capitalize on Judi's sewing skills for our first outting on contest stage by helping to modify and glam up our costumes.

When she's not singing or sewing, Judi spends time with hubby, John, who is also retired. They have two daughters (Andrea and Jeanette) and are grandparents to Evelyn.

If you ask Judi what her favourite chorus song is, she'll answer (with a smirk) "Can You Feel the Love Tonight." Then she'll promptly tell you the story behind that smirk. :-)