Most Entertaining Small Chorus in the World!

On September 17th, 2019, Limestone City Voices hoped, going into their first appearance on the international stage in the SAI Harmony Classic, that they had a special offer "the audience couldn't refuse" with "The Chordfather." Knowing the idea could potentially be a challenge for judges, dressing an entire chorus of women as gangsters of the 40's, singing in the vernacular and toting a violin case, the comments about commitment to character and the fun that was had, LCV was overwhelmed to win the Most Entertaining Chorus Award, and placing 4th in the small chorus division. The Most Entertaining award was particularly meaningful given that it's voted on by 100 members randomly selected from the audience for all ten Harmony Classic performing groups.

There are so many people LCV has to thank for the support over the past few years that the Chordfather package has been developing. First..our own members for jumping in without question, with FUN in mind and a willingness to explore every potential angle of commitment. To friends, family members and our region for support both financially and for performance opportunities. To our coaches with Mo Field as our head coach for her commitment to our cause and finally, the mastermind of retired drama teacher Mike Bullett. He took the threads of our gangster idea and crafted a brilliant script that made the job of turning a chorus of women into a group of gangsters... so exciting and FUN!

Thank you to all our fans, well-wishers, commenters and over 4,000 views on Youtube! 

T-shirts also now available! See our website and you can officially be part of our LCV famiglia. Ciao!